Cosmetic Dentistry in Newark, Ohio

cosmetic dentistryHelping Put Confidence Behind Your Smile

Being happy with your smile is what gives you the confidence to show it off.  Cosmetic dentistry is the way to confidence.

A healthy smile can boost your self-esteem and even improve your relationships.  If you aren’t completely confident with your smile, the cosmetic dentistry team at Moundbuilders General Dentistry can help. We provide a host of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can do everything from brighten, straighten, and perfect your teeth.  No matter what bothers you about your smile, come to our team for a consultation and let us get you the smile you have always dreamed of.

Not Happy with the Color of Your Teeth? We Can Help!

From your daily cup of coffee or tea to the foods you eat, your teeth take plenty of wear and tear. So, it is no surprise that over the years you may experience discoloration, such as yellowing, patches of faded white, and more.  Tooth discoloration can become embarrassing, and give off the impression that you do not take care of your teeth – even if you practice tremendous hygiene.

During a scheduled appointment, come into Moundbuilders General Dentistry and let us brighten your smile once again. We use in-office whitening and the latest technology to give you that bright, pearly white smile you once had.

Why Whiten at Your Dentist’s Office?

  • It is safe
  • Clean and mess-free
  • Whiten at your pace
  • Whiten the hard to reach places of your mouth
  • Comfortable and pain-free
  • Get a consistent brighter, whiter smile

Have Embarrassing Gaps Kept You from Smiling Freely?

Dental imperfections happen. Whether they are from how your teeth formed as a child, injury, or due to another reason, dental bonding is a common procedure in cosmetic dentistry that corrects those issues.  Our professionals use tooth-colored material and fuse it to your natural tooth. Then, the material is hardened, polished, sculpted and smoothed. The final product looks and feels just like the rest of your natural teeth.

What Can Dental Bonding Correct?

  • Teeth damaged from minor decay
  • Discolored teeth
  • Whiten teeth with permanent, irreversible stains
  • Reshape and even out teeth
  • Fill in gaps between teeth
  • Give teeth a longer appearance

Want to Improve Your Smile in Just One Visit? You Need Dental Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry today is not as it was a few years ago. Today, you have access to same-day treatments that can transform your smile.  Dental veneers are porcelain treatments made from a tooth-colored overlay. When applied by a professional, they can:

  • Cover discolored or stained teeth.
  • Repair the look of chipped, broken, or worn down teeth.
  • Fix imperfections like uneven, irregular shaped, or misaligned teeth

Reach Your Happy Smile by Booking Your Appointment at Moundbuilders General Dentistry Today

If you are ready to get rid of the stains, fill in the gaps, and walk out with the smile you’ve always dreamed about, visit Moundbuilders General Dentistry for a consultation or cleaning.  We will sit down and discuss your problem areas and come up with a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

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