Dental Crowns and Bridges from Newark, Ohio Restorative Dentists

crowns and bridgesWhen you have a missing tooth (or two), a dental crowns and bridges are an ideal option for replacing those missing teeth.

A dental bridge fits over your teeth, like a dental crown, but it spreads across the open areas where you are missing teeth and fills in the gaps.

Your healthy teeth can support your bridge, or your restorative dentist can use implants.

Why Dental Bridges?

  • They improve the aesthetics of your smile.
  • They function with your natural bite; so, you can eat how you normally would.
  • They provide your mouth with the proper spacing patterns.

Dental Crowns Help You Regain Your Smile

The team of restorative dentists at Moundbuilders General Dentistry in  Newark have several options for restoring damaged, missing, or injured teeth. Depending on the extent of the missing teeth, we will use the best available solution for your mouth, smile, and your budget.

In some cases, we may recommend the utilization of a dental crown. Dental crowns are ideal if you have:

  • A tooth is worn down by friction (such as from grinding)
  • Your tooth is cracked, broken, or compromised in another way
  • Your tooth had a root canal performed
  • There is severe decay that has damaged the natural tooth

What Type of Dental Crown is Right for You?

During an evaluation with a Newark dentist from Moundbuilders General Dentistry, you might have a few dental crown options. Typically, the porcelain crown is preferred, because it blends the best with natural teeth.

Depending on where the tooth is located, there is the option of porcelain fused to metal (PFM). This hybrid crown uses a metal base and porcelain shell on the outside.

What to Expect at Your Consultation for Dental Crowns and Bridges

No matter the reason for your injured or missing teeth, let the team at Moundbuilders General Dentistry help find the perfect solution to improve your smile.

Crowns and bridges may take a few appointments to complete, going from the consultation to impressions and then adding the crown to the mouth to ensure it fits flawlessly.

After your crown or bridge is in place, we will show you how to properly care for them so that you can keep them as long as possible.

Dental Crowns and Bridges are Durable for Every Smile, Every Lifestyle

All our restorative dental procedures are designed to last. We want you to have confidence when you smile, and our team is here to help restore your self-esteem after losing a tooth.

Whether you have had a tooth pulled or you are missing one from an injury, it is best to replace it as fast as possible to prevent other teeth from moving out of place.

Call the team at Moundbuilders General Dentistry today to schedule a consultation at 740-344-1810   or send us a message online.