Regain Your Smile with Teeth Restoration Services in Newark, Ohio

Missing, damaged, and decayed teeth can affect more than just your self-confidence.  You are in need of teeth restoration.

Your teeth do everything from chew food to maintain your face’s shape.

At Moundbuilders General Dentistry, we offer teeth restoration services that can help you get your smile back to what it once was — or even better!

From the use of dentures to crowns and tooth-colored fillings, our team is here to ensure you walk out with a smile you love, and you are more than willing to show off.

What Does a Tooth Restoration Appointment Do?

Dental restorations come in many forms. Some are as simple as fillings after a cavity, while others replace missing teeth. The entire purpose of teeth restoration is to restore your mouth’s function, integrity, and preserve your facial shape.

No matter how you lost your tooth or the damaged occurred, the professional dentists at Moundbuilders General Dentistry can repair it.

Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

If you have damaged teeth from decay, gum disease, or an injury from trauma, dental crowns are your best option for repairing and replacing those teeth.

After removing the damaged tooth or a portion of that damaged tooth, our dentists can cap it off with a porcelain crown.

Porcelain crowns look just like your natural teeth, and with our digital impression technology, we create your crowns swiftly and efficiently. So, no more time-consuming multiple appointments just to repair your tooth!

When you are missing multiple teeth, we offer bridges. Bridges are an alternative to dental implants, and they are the ideal option if you do not qualify for implants. Bridges create a series of three or more crowns that look like your real teeth but fill in the gaps where teeth are missing.

Our bridges are built using the latest technology, so they fit comfortably, and they are manufactured quickly so that you can replace your missing teeth as fast as possible.

Tooth-Colored Fillings for Cavity Repairs

Have a cavity and need a filling?

No one ever has to know.

With tooth-colored fillings, our team can remove the cavity and damage done to your teeth and replace it with a filling that looks just like your real teeth. No more ugly metal fillings reflecting brightly each time you open your mouth; instead, you will have a clean, perfect smile.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

At Moundbuilders General Dentistry, we also offer dentures for those who need to replace missing teeth or an entire mouthful of teeth.

  • Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are used to replace a series of teeth instead of all of your teeth. They clasp into your existing teeth and offer a natural look while filling in the gaps.
  • Traditional Dentures: Also, known as cosmetic dentures, these are full removable dentures that replace all your missing teeth using arch acrylic teeth. They look more natural and can help restore the function of your mouth after losing teeth to decay, bone loss, cancer, or trauma.

In Need of Teeth Restoration? Call the Restorative Team at Moundbuilders General Dentistry Today

No matter how you lost your tooth (or teeth), let our restorative professionals help you regain that beautiful smile.

We want you to feel confident, happy and can enjoy the foods you once did.

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